Services for insurance companies

ACCELIOS Solar assists insurance companies to optimize their claims management and to reduce their costs

Claims Management Expert Opinion
  • Recording of Claims
  • Compile Claim Folder
  • Damage and Cost Analysis
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Settlement Recommendation
  • Expert Opinion on PV Power Plant Damages
  • On Site Analysis
  • Acceptance Test and Acceptance Certificates of PV Power Plants
  • Preventive Plant Analysis
  • Audits of Producers
  • Market / Technology / Competition Analysis
  • Design of Insurance Polices
  • Discussion with Producers
  • Product Design
  • Claims Management Process

ACCELIOS Solar services for insurances provide in particular the operational handling of the entire PV claims management process. This involves the complete damage recording and the professional evaluation of the claim. Against the background of our comprehensive branch know-how we analyze each sequence and detect even small discrepancies. ACCELIOS experts guarantee an efficient and structured claims management process and provide a founded recommendation for the settlement of the claim. On request we issue a profound expert opinion.

ACCELIOS experts support insurance companies on a strategic level in optimizing their claims management process as well as in the design of their products and polices.