Selected references

Advisors of ACCELIOS Solar have worked on a wide range of different projects. More detailed references can be provided upon specific request

  • Market scouting for new PV applications on behalf of a PV module manufacturer
  • In depth market and technology anaylsis of prevailing thin-film PV technologies
  • Market and competition analyis for PV module manufacturer
  • Letter of opinion for PV cell manufacturing line in Korea
  • Market and technology due diligence of a crystalline PV module manufacturer in Asia
  • Monitoring and validation of the installation, production ramp-up and market entrance of a PV module manufacturer
  • Bankability audit at chinese inverter manufacturer
  • Bankability report on chinese module manufacturer
  • Preparation of the business and financial plan and company profile for a PV system installer
  • Feasibility study for a multi-MW solarpark and facilitation of a financing solution between equity investor and co-financing partners
  • Red flag report for distributed multi-MW roof-top PV installation
  • Final acceptance test for large PV system
  • Due diligence in a merger between two thin-film PV module manufacturers
  • Moderation of strategic alliance negotiations between a venture capital backed PV start-up in the US and a large European utility company